Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mowgli For a Day

These are just a few pictures of our little princess to brighten your day.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Doc || Addicted to Plastic

Talk about an eye opener! I have been slowly (very slowly but surely) transitioning into a more sustainable/ethical lifestyle that makes me feel better about my actions and purchases. And with that I have been researching a lot more about different options when buying everyday products. It has become a bit easier since we have recently moved into a new home. So everything that I am purchasing from now on out I will try my hardest to get the most ecofriendly, sustainable and of course vegan option.When I came across this documentary on Netflix I just had to take a look at it. It was mind blowing. It is a fairly older documentary (2008), but it is amazing. It is called Addicted to Plastic. It speaks about how globally we are in fact addicted to plastic. Most of our everyday interactions with object are plastic. Some of the facts just amazed me. We have this fixated idea that recycling is awesome (which of course it is better than throwing recyclables in the garbage) but real solution is buying products are are sustainable, that way we have durable items that won't need to be recycled for a very long time. The damages are astonishing. Like how in some parts of the ocean there are 10 times more plastic that the natural organism plankton! Or even how many only 5% of all plastic is recycled. This is a very difficult thing that we can deal with very simple solutions. I have made myself more aware of my plastic usage and have started a list of object that I can interchange to either biodegradable products or more durable ones. I found this amazing website that help me along with finding the products. It's called Life Without Plastic. It is a great market place for all things that are usually made from plastic. I am excited to start purchasing durable, environmentally friendly products. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! 


Saturday, May 9, 2015

How We Got Mowgli

It was Christmas morning in 2012. Zac(my then boyfriend, now husband), Pecho(brother/bestfriend) and I gathered around to exchange our gifts with one another. It was a lovely time as anyone's Christmas morning would be, little did I know that the gift that I would receive would change my life forever. I got a pair of Toms, which I had been wanting for a long time and in the box was a note. The note read "For our piggy". It was a written "gift certificate" of sorts that Zac wrote for us to get a pig! I was ecstatic and cried from sheer joy. Ever since I was a child I have always been extremely close to animals. I at some point thought I could talk to them. Haha. I knew since I was very young that I would have my own farm but I never made the connection between animals and food. So Zac and I had semi discussed having a pet pig and had done some research on how to take care of them but I wouldn't have never thought that we would actually get one! So then on a sunny day (I don't remember if it was but for the purpose of storytelling lets say it was) I went and picked her up.She was the unwanted piggy because she had a bit of an attitude and no other family would have wanted to deal with that. Let me remind you that we, this entire time thought that we were getting a mini pig.
 I held her in my arms and I thought it would be a picture perfect moment, but it was not. At all. She yelled and squirmed and jumped around and I couldn't control her. It was horrible. I cried in the parking lot thinking to myself "What the hell am I gonna do now? Am I gonna be a terrible piggy momma? What if she never stops yelling?" I went back to our studio apartment and put her on the ground and she was fine. She nibbled around at things and my heart was set. Zac came home from taking a test and their eyes met and it really was love at first site. That second Zac and I decided we needed to change our eating habits, we can't with a good conscious have a pet pig and continue to eat them. She was the most adorable, beautiful, cutest thing we had ever encountered. She was also the most annoying, loud, and irritating thing we had ever encountered. She would wake us up at 3 o'clock in the morning because she was hungry, she would flip her food and water bowl over and spill everywhere, not to mention the potty training. As time went by our love grew, but she did too. We were told that she would not get any bigger than about 30 pounds. LIE. She grew and grew and grew so much we had to move out of our apartment. We made the choice that we could never abandon her and that we would just have to find a rent house that had a yard for her. We found a house and she loved it. Then we realized she was no mini pig. She was a good o'l regular Vietnamese pot belly. She is now 2 years old and weighs over 200 pounds. And we wouldn't have it any other way. She is the reason we changed our lives and became vegan.