Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Doc || Girlhood

Girlhood is a must watch documentary on the life of two girls who are in the juvenile justice system. This film follows two girls dealing with the results of committing some terrible crimes and who are now facing time in a Maryland Juvenile Detention facility. While being so young they must learn to adapt and to in fact grow up within the walls of the system. It is very difficult to watch these girls develop into young adults from the outside looking in. While I sat in the comfort of my on home I thought to myself how much we take for granted in our everyday life. How we don't think twice on getting up to get a glass of water, without asking for permission. And yet we are quick to judge (myself included) when we see people out and about. Judge their demeanor, their state of being, their way of life, but we truly have no idea what is really going on. The documentary is a good insight as to what can really be going on in the lives of the people committing these crimes. How on perhaps an off chance if they had someone reliable to talk to or maybe just someone to spend time with, just maybe they would have heading into a different direction in life. We must take time and help those in need, many make it look like they don't need anything at all. 


Monday, June 29, 2015

Vegan Eats || Memphis || Imagine Vegan Cafe

We took a quick weekend trip to Memphis, Tennessee Saturday and we had a blast! Lovely city. Since we only got to stay around for late Saturday and early Sunday we were pressed for time, but that didn't stop us from throwing down (vegan style)! We found this lovely little gem called Imagine Vegan Cafe . The atmosphere was absolutely perfect. Very relaxed and comfortable. We of course had to get some BBQ while in Memphis and it was the bomb! Could not have asked for a more relaxing and amazing weekend. 

Breakfast Platter 

Appetizer Sampler
Cherry Cheese Cake
Vegan Memphis Sandwich Platter

Hope everyone has an amazing Monday! 


Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites | #1

How perfect is this little jumpsuit! 

This necklace is just lovely.
Ruby Robin Boutique 

I need this print in my life! 
Cactus Club

Mowgli would totally approve of this lotion 
Hogwash Bath & Body

I am a sucker for containers! 
Urban Outfitters

This mirror is a dream come true.


Party || Dad's Birthday

It was my dad's birthday on Friday, but with all of us being super busy we couldn't all get together until yesterday. I made him a vegan feast and an incredibly shaky raw vegan cake. Haha. The bottom was yellow watermelon, middle was regular watermelon and the top was cantaloupe. It was ALOT harder to make than all those post online made it seem. Which is why it is all lopsided. Haha. We all had a great time and to Mowgli's benefit, she got all of the left overs! 

My dad has always been a " man's man." Growing up in El Salvador during the civil war he grew up tough and he grew up fast.  Luckily he also grew with a passion for higher thinking and a love for education. Always telling me "people can take your possessions but never your knowledge." That really stuck with me and make me the person that I am today. He has always been a man of logic and science so when I told him the benefits of being vegan he knew that the science backed it up. The reason I love all animals, furry or not is because of him. Growing up my dad would tell me about the snakes that he would have to move from job sites so that people wouldn't try to kill them and how everyone just thought that he was crazy because "they are just snakes, why not just kill them." He always taught me that they want to live just as badly as we do and they deserve to live just as much as we do. But he had never made the connection between his food and the animals that were being killed for it. As a Hispanic man, the head of the household, a giant plate of meat is what is thought to be essential because of the idea that only the poor don't eat meat, only because they cannot afford it. So basically to prove this point wrong many families will gorge and consume even more of it. This cycle of doing things only to prove to others that they are wrong is very strong and it very difficult to break. I changed my eating habits a few years back and my dad saw how much healthier and happier I became. So one day a few months back we were just sitting in his room as he watched some documentary about some wild animal or another (He is also the reason I am a documentary watching nerd) and we just spoke about how we as humans can be incredibly healthy without having to harm the animals to eat them or their by products and it just STUCK. He just said “you are right.” And that was that. He made the switch and he has never felt better. He physically feels incredible he says but also the mental clarity that he has gained from it is beyond words. Many people that I talk to about veganism always say “well I love meat too much to give it up.” To that I have to say, my dad and brother were much more carnivores that they were omnivores and if they can do it then really anyone can. The information is out there, we just have to want to find it.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Vegan Eats || New Orleans || Seed

Last weekend my brother and I were getting him ready to go off to his amazing soccer tournament in Barcelona. He was flying out of New Orleans so I decided to stop by Seed a vegan restaurant that I had been wanting to go for a while now. And boy did I make a great decision! Being from Louisiana I am very limited on the strict vegan restaurants in my area, but that  just makes finding them all that more exciting.  We stopped by on Sunday for an early lunch. It was spectacular to say the least. Seed offers a wide variety of vegan food from great raw meals to amazing comfort foods. Pecho and I can eat so we grabbed a few of their most delicious sounding meals and dug in. The atmosphere was so light and open and our server was the bomb! Super amazing food. Definitely a must try when in New Orleans.

We will be going soon again, next time with my husband, to pick my brother back up from the airport and hopefully we can get breakfast!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! 
The amazing nachos

The tofu poboy

And ended it off with some beignets