Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Doc || Girlhood

Girlhood is a must watch documentary on the life of two girls who are in the juvenile justice system. This film follows two girls dealing with the results of committing some terrible crimes and who are now facing time in a Maryland Juvenile Detention facility. While being so young they must learn to adapt and to in fact grow up within the walls of the system. It is very difficult to watch these girls develop into young adults from the outside looking in. While I sat in the comfort of my on home I thought to myself how much we take for granted in our everyday life. How we don't think twice on getting up to get a glass of water, without asking for permission. And yet we are quick to judge (myself included) when we see people out and about. Judge their demeanor, their state of being, their way of life, but we truly have no idea what is really going on. The documentary is a good insight as to what can really be going on in the lives of the people committing these crimes. How on perhaps an off chance if they had someone reliable to talk to or maybe just someone to spend time with, just maybe they would have heading into a different direction in life. We must take time and help those in need, many make it look like they don't need anything at all. 


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