Thursday, July 2, 2015

Adventure || Mississippi || Tunica Hills

Zac, Pecho, Hunter (Pecho's best friend) and I went explore Tunica Hills for the millionth time a few weeks back. It truly is a hidden gem around these parts. It is only about an hour and thirty minutes outside of Baton Rouge. We have gone there several times, like alot, and EVERY SINGLE time we go, we get lost. Every time. And every time it is a new adventure as to when or if we are ever going to make it. But to our surprise, we make it every time. We had an absolute blast. It is always such a comforting feeling just being outdoors for me. Just sitting listening to the birds, the water, and the hooligans that I'm with in the background makes my day. 

Saw this babe while we got lost.
One of the several beautiful waterfalls.
How perfect is this fern.
Zac got this awesome shot of our new buddy.
And another waterfall.
Zac monkeying around.
Splashing around in the waterfalls was the best.
Pecho looking totally mysterious and deep.
Got this shot right as we were leaving.


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