Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mowgli for the day || Bald Head Rascal

Summer time is here! And Mowgli is feelin the heat, particularly on her head. Haha. Summer time means bathing suits, watermelon, and for some baldness. Mowgli being the big ol' pot belly pig that she is "blows her coat" in the summer. And boy is it funny. She rocks the old man bald head with style though. This usually starts up in the late spring/ early summer when it starts to warm up. And yes pigs have hair not fur. When pigs blow their coat they get incredibly itchy, so we like to assist Mowgli by giving her some extra good scratches. Also since pigs skin run a bit dry after good rubs we lather her up good with some coconut oil (which she tries to lick off herself after) to ease the dryness. We also got her a little pool to help her with the heat. Yesterday we gave her a nice sugar scrub to get all of the extra dead skin cells off. But Mowgli's favorite pastime in the summer is sitting in the shade in a freshly dug out hole and just napping. Nothing beats taking a nap in the nice cool shade.


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