Thursday, August 6, 2015

Doc || Paradise or Oblivion

Came about this documentary at Top Documentary Films . It is called Paradise or Oblivion, and it speaks on the drastic changes that need to occur not only in our political and free market way of thinking, but also our entire view of society to make positive changes to for well being of the planet and humanity as a whole. It gives amazing insight as to where our future can lead us if we make these positive changes. I have to admit it is sometimes too perfect to wrap my head around. The living project is called The Venus Project. It is absolutely mind blowing how much work and effort goes into these ideas. The approach uses science as apposed to politics and profit to make decisions. Which in my opinion, that is how we should be handling things anyways. It would take inventory of all of our resources and work with them instead of just using them all up and figuring out a plan later. These are some serious preventive actions. Their site has tons of useful information on it as well. I guess we will see where the future takes us. 

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