Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Doc || The True Cost

The True Cost  is an absolute must see. Watching documentaries that change my life choices is what I live for. Discovering new information and basing my decisions on them is the clear and scientific way of processing of information that I  have grown to adapt into my life. Shopping has always been fun and it can still remain but if there is as little harm in the process. The True Cost shows the incredible damage that is being done by the "Fast Fashion" industry. By creating new clothing and also new products all together we are using cheaper and cheaper labor and material to keep up with the cheap demand. What we tend to forget are the people making these products. I have now made a change in my shopping habits. I want to purchase products from ethical, fair trade, quality materials. By supporting companies that use these ethics I am casting my vote for a better world. I can't wait to start researching quality brands in all branches of products. 

Hope everyone's week is going great! 


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