Thursday, August 20, 2015

Eco Upgrade || Utensils

Bringing your lunch to work or school can not only help you keep on track with your eating habits but can also save you a bit of money as well.  Zac and I have been bringing our lunches to work for a very long time now. We always try to bring our forks or spoons from home but when we would forget and then just use the plastic forks that were available in the break room. We just invested in To Go Ware. It is the creative alternative to using traditional plastic utensils. Now that we have these we just attach them to our book sacks when we are done rinsing them and we are good to go (pun intend)  haha. With the handy hook we will always have them on hand, whether we are eating lunch at the office or eating some take out at the park.

Happy Thursday ya'll!         



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