Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mowgli for the day || Dirty Girl

"Happier than a pig in mud" is no joke. Especially when it comes to Mowgli. She loves to just walk around, find a nice little mud hole and just relax. We tend to help her out by putting a few bucket fulls of water into the holes that she digs. See pigs need mud holes or things of that nature for temperature control. Since they don't have sweat glands like we do they must find external ways to keep cool. And boy does a mud hole do the job. We live in southern Louisiana and it tends to get pretty hot during the summers, so we keep her mud holes nice and wet for her to go in and out as she pleases. She loves being super muddy and rubbing herself on your clothes, especially when you are about to go to work. Haha. 

I hope everyone is finding fun ways to keep cool this summer!          


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