Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Adventure || Mississippi || Tunica Hills with Erin

Tunica Hills is always such a blast, we can't help but go every chance we get. This past trip, we went with a couple of awesome friends. My friend Erin and I picked a date and set off! We packed some fruit and the rest just comes naturally. Be able to go out in nature and experience that with friends is nothing short of amazing. Get out there and breathe some good ol'fresh air. 

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vegan in Social Events

Eating vegan in social events can be a bit scary. But have no fear! It is much easier that you'd think. Zac and I have managed to eat completely vegan in the most meat loving places you can think of. With just a couple tips you'll be on your way to be a stress free vegan social butterfly. 

  • Joke around! When people joke around about what you're eating joke back. Many times if you joke back they will see that you aren't uptight about it and drop it. 
  • Be nice to the waiter (you should do this anyways). By being nice they will be more incline to help you find your perfect meal. 
  • Tell them you are vegan. By telling waiters thoroughly that you do not consume any type of animal product there is less room for error. Many folks don't know what vegan means. Explain it nicely what it means and they will be able to accommodate you better. 
  • Bring food! If you are going to a party and you are pretty sure there won't be any vegan food, bring your own. By brining some awesome food people might get interested in the lifestyle as well. Also many restaurants will allow you to bring your own food if they are unable to fit your dietary needs. 
  • Invite your friends to vegan places. This one may be a bit out of reach to some, including myself since there aren't many all vegan restaurants around these parts. But if you do happen to have them invite your friends to have the gathering there so that everyone can try out different kinds of vegan goodies.
I also made a video on this topic. Much more chatty and less informative, but Mowgli is in it so it's okay. Haha. I hope everyone is having a great week!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Minimalist Packing

Packing can be an overwhelming thought. Yet it doesn't have to be. I use to think that it was the end of the world if I didn't have a million pairs of shoes with me at all times when I was on the road but that is simply not the case anymore. When traveling with less we can enjoy more. While I am no expert minimalist, I have come a long way from what I though I "needed." Keeping it simple is the far better option in my opinion. It also helps that I am an all black lover so my clothes always match! Haha. I will try to link everything to where I bought it from so you guys can check the items out. 

What's in my bag for our 5 day trip: 

This is everything that is going physically into my bag. I will be wearing my pants and black tee with docs. I like wearing the slightly bulkier stuff on the way to destinations so that the bag will be that much lighter. 

And here is my bag with everything inside! Not bulky at all and closes perfectly fine. Simple bag that is a couple years old, don't remember where I got it from. But had a perfect laptop sleeve and a little divider to put my toiletries in. I actually believe it is a laptop bag, but hey what ever works! 

Can't wait to hangout with some awesome people in Chicago and eat some amazing vegan food! 


Vegan Goodies || Conscious Cakes

What better way to start the first day of fall than with some delicious vegan red velvet cake! This absolutely divine piece of culinary art was brought to me by the wonderful folks at Conscious Cakes.         
Those were just a few of the topics of discussion while I fought off Zac from trying to eat it all. From my personal experience red velvet cake is a hit or miss even with non vegan cakes but my gosh was this cake amazing. The richness of the cake, the creaminess of the thick buttercream, it was absolutely made for me. Cannot wait to try ALL of the amazing flavors. 

As many of you may know I am a huge fan of supporting small businesses with big dreams. This little shop is spreading the vegan goodness with cake, I mean it doesn't get any better than that. I get tons of messages saying that you guys live in very non vegan friendly places and trust me I feel you but not to worry, This shop is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and will ship you these cute cake in jars directly to your door! Make sure to check them out for your next party or hell even your next snack!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Party || Jes turns 8

My little sis turned 8! Seems like just yesterday she was just a little potato. Tehehe. Yesterday I threw her a little tropical party. We played some fun island music and had a blast! Jessi absolutely loved it.

We started off the party with some good ol' mango juice. Then we munched on some mix fruit and hummus and pita chips. For our main course we had tofu wraps with yummy peppers to go inside. On to desert, we had homemade pineapple cookies and of course raw vegan cake! 

People think that kids can't have a great time unless they are bouncing off the wall with candy but that is simply not true. Jes is your average little girl who would love to have a giant pile of candy in front of her but she had a wonderful time eating delicious wholesome foods. We danced, played with balloons, and ate GREENS! Yes kids can actually like eating greens! This may seem too good to be true but it is possible. I believe the most important way to teach your kids or kids in your life to eat healthy is by yourself eating healthy. Leading by example is the best way to show not only children but adults alike that eating healthy can be fun! 

Happy Tuesday ya'll! 

Goodies every where!
Missin' teeth but she ate her cake!

Mowgli was excited about the party too!


Monday, September 21, 2015

Doc || Mile Mile and a Half

Just witnessed one of the most beautiful documentaries I've ever seen. Mile Mile and a Half is the epic adventure a group of friends take to hike the entirety of the John Muir Trail. With its 219 mile stretch the encounter everything from breath taking views, bears, and giant snow slides. This monumental film was created to inspire and inspire it did. I hope to one day get to the picturesque John Muir Trail. Taking in nature is a commonly secondary idea to many people. When being outside in nature can be one of the most inspiring, relaxing, and therapeutic activities there are. So take even a few minutes of each day and just breathe in the outdoors. 

Happy Monday ya'll!


Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites || #10

These sprays sound spectacular! 

How incredibly beautiful is this bowl


Kiwi shirt ya'll!


 Most adorable notebook ever

This cactus garland is a must



Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Back yard exploring

People may sometimes think they need to travel thousands of miles to get a good adventure it, but that is not the case. Sure distant adventures are amazing but you can explore and wander even in your back yard! I found these shots by just walking around the back end of our office. 

Hope everyone is having an awesome week!


Monday, September 14, 2015

Doc || Race to Nowhere

Race to Nowhere is a fantastic documentary that speaks about the social pressures that students are put through these days. Many middle school and high school students are sometimes doing one hour of homework for each class, not to mention the fact that many of them are doing these homework assignments after either sports, clubs or other forms of after school activities. So many families spend little to no time with each other. Students undergo tremendous amounts of stress to keep their grades up, do community service, excel in sports, maintain a presence in clubs, the list goes on and on. The issue with this is that the majority of the students are not pursuing these tasks out of passion but out of obligation. "I need to get straight As to get into a good college, so I can get a good job, so I can make good money, so I can be happy." That's the problem. Money, a nice house, a fancy car will NOT guarantee happiness. People will throw away their passions in order to pursue money. By un-teaching kids that money = happiness we can see young people thriving in their passions and not in mind sucking careers. Teaching children to live by their passions with create happy, creative, ambition adults.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Doc || Hot Girls Wanted

This is a bold documentary. One that talks about a topic rarely spoken about. Sure people talk about porn but very scarcely about the effects that such things have on the sometimes very young girls who participate in them. Hot Girls Wanted  speaks about the sometimes blurred concepts that are created in these girls heads. By no means does this documentary imply that pornography is morally wrong, what is wrong is deceiving people to believe that they will easily become successful in the industry. Many of these girls will do several movies, thinking the next one will be their next big break. Sadly it isn't. A majority of these girls have a 6th month max and then can never make a movie again, unless it is of a violent theme. It is so wonderful to have a documentary these powerful out there for everyone to see. It is a must watch.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites || #9

My heart could explode looking at how cute this avocado is!

How darling are these cups?

I was speechless when I saw this candle. I LOVE SOPHIA!
Such adorable X earrings
What a perfect little home for one of my succulents and my phone
Banana bag!



Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vlog || #2

Hey ya'll! My new vlog is up. I had the great intentions of showing how vegans get down at an LSU game and then.... it got canceled. Haha. Any who, it is up anyways! Hope you guys enjoy!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cookin' || Halloween || Vegan Sugar Cookies

Love me some Halloween and love me some cookies. What better way to spend an afternoon than combining both! I found this recipe on Babble. It was a super simple, easy to follow recipe that I suggest everyone tries! I am gonna try to put up a tons more Halloween recipes that I'll be trying all season.

My cute pig cutting board
Lookin like pumpkins! 
Tons of powdered sugar
Color it up
Almost done
Tada! Not really pumpkin shaped but it's okay!


Monday, September 7, 2015

Fall/Halloween Haul

So for me, after my birthday (8.19.) the Halloween season officially begins! Haha. I absolutely love everything about the fall and Halloween. The sweaters, the cool breeze, the bonfires, the costumes, the apple cider, the pumpkins, the list can go on forever so I'll stop there. So to prepare for I decided to have a Fall Haul to get me ready for the season. 

This is probably one of the best smelling candles I have ever purchased

Apple Cider

Can't go wrong with some apple cider

In love with Crayola's coloring pages on their website

Golden find at Goodwill!



Sunday, September 6, 2015

Vegan Goodies || Colour pop

I am no make up artist by any means but I have always LOVED matte finish liquid lipsticks. They just seem so fancy to me. Haha. But finding good liquid lipsticks can be a bit of a challenge. They are either not pigmented enough, won't last that long, can be really pricy or just aren't great shades. But alas I have found some killer liquid lipsticks! Colourpop makes some amazing shades that are to die for.   

How cute!
The shades from top to bottom: Limbo, Beeper,Clueless & Midi

The shades from top to bottom: Limbo, Beeper,Clueless & Midi