Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vegan in Social Events

Eating vegan in social events can be a bit scary. But have no fear! It is much easier that you'd think. Zac and I have managed to eat completely vegan in the most meat loving places you can think of. With just a couple tips you'll be on your way to be a stress free vegan social butterfly. 

  • Joke around! When people joke around about what you're eating joke back. Many times if you joke back they will see that you aren't uptight about it and drop it. 
  • Be nice to the waiter (you should do this anyways). By being nice they will be more incline to help you find your perfect meal. 
  • Tell them you are vegan. By telling waiters thoroughly that you do not consume any type of animal product there is less room for error. Many folks don't know what vegan means. Explain it nicely what it means and they will be able to accommodate you better. 
  • Bring food! If you are going to a party and you are pretty sure there won't be any vegan food, bring your own. By brining some awesome food people might get interested in the lifestyle as well. Also many restaurants will allow you to bring your own food if they are unable to fit your dietary needs. 
  • Invite your friends to vegan places. This one may be a bit out of reach to some, including myself since there aren't many all vegan restaurants around these parts. But if you do happen to have them invite your friends to have the gathering there so that everyone can try out different kinds of vegan goodies.
I also made a video on this topic. Much more chatty and less informative, but Mowgli is in it so it's okay. Haha. I hope everyone is having a great week!


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