Monday, October 26, 2015

Doc || The Plastic Cow

Today I had the pleasure of watching The Plastic Cow from Top Documentary Films. It was an alarming documentary on the consumption of plastic by cows in India. I was so taken by the shear amount of plastic that some of these poor animals consume. Unfortunately most products that are sold to us today are either made of plastic or wrapped in some sort of plastic. Just makes you think a little bit more before purchasing such un-environmentally friendly products, then throwing them in little plastic bags. In some situations it seems very unrealistic to avoid plastic all together, but there are so many ways in which we can greatly reduce the amount that we use on a day to day bases. Switching disposable bottles for reusable ones, brining reusable shopping bags to the store, very simple acts like these truly add up. We are not perfect, we all lead busy lives and sometimes we forget but the idea of it all is to try whenever possible. Really great documentary. Truly recommend it. 


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