Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall To Do List

Fall is here!!! The weather is cooling down. The days are getting shorter. The pumpkin spice is in the air! It doesn't get much better than that. With change comes making to do lists. Which is pretty much my most favorite thing ever. So many wonderful things to do in the fall this list might go on forever.

  • Carve a pumpkin- Nothing screams fall like pumpkins. I've already got so many cute pumpkin carving ideas in my head! Also I love getting those ugly little bumpy squashes and putting them next to pumpkins for a more textured affect.
  • Bake a pie- Really can't decide on what kind of pie just yet. Pumpkin, pecan, apple, too many to choose from. Might have to make one of each. Teheh. 
  • Go to a corn maze- Cannot wait to go explore the Cajun Country Corn Maze in the up coming weeks. I'm sure my little sister will love it as well.
  • Pick wild flowers - Here in Southern Louisiana we have TONS of wild flowers to choose from. Even living here in Baton Rouge, I can find an abundance of beautiful foliage to pick and place around the house.
  • Go camping- We have so many places we want to camp and not enough time. Haha. With such bountiful camping grounds around us we can't go wrong. 
  • Watch Halloween movies- List within a list. List-ception? 
    • Nightmare Before Christmas
    • Harry Potter
    • Hocus Pocus 
    • Edward Scissor Hands
    • The Adams Family
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Rocky Horror Picture Show
    • Halloween Town
  • Try a new soup recipe- I wanna try making a mushroom soup, a black bean soup, a minestrone, and a noodle soup.
  • Take tons of pictures- This one kinda goes without saying. 
  • Have a picnic- I am planning on getting a couple non-vegans to join in on a vegan picnic. Open to everyone who is willing to try some awesome vegan goodies!
  • Go to a haunted house- I'm gonna start off by saying I am a huge weenie. I get so scared so easily, which brings up the question "Why the hell would you wanna go to a haunted house?" The answer is....Peer presure. Hahaha. My husband and brother have been dying to go to 13th Gate for what feels like forever now and we hadn't had the chance to, until now. It is known for being one of the scariest haunted houses in the nation. Woo. (So not ready)
  • Jump in a pile of leaves- Duh.
  • Collect pine cones- We have a ton of pine trees behind our office at work so it's super easy to get the ENTIRE house smelling nice and fall like.
  • Ride bike for 25 miles a week- Might be setting myself up for disaster but it's okay! It means I have to ride about 3.5 miles everyday which isn't bad at all. 
  • Make a donation haul- This might be my favorite! Decluttering can be one of the most therapeutic things ever. So what better time than now, the beginning of a new season, to start donating unneeded things from our home.  
  • Read a scary book- Again I am a weenie so we will see how this one goes. Haha. 


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