Thursday, October 8, 2015

Vegan Eats || Chicago

Chicago is not all sky scrapers and great art, although it does have a ton of both. It is a wonderful city full of life and adventure. 

BUT LETS TALK FOOD. Being from Southern Louisiana we don't have much when it comes to going out to eat as a vegan, don't get me wrong I can get real creative and make some delicious concoctions upon request at restaurants but there is just something about walking into a restaurant looking at the menu and seeing that big pretty V next to the item. 

So these are all the amazing places we got to grab a bite to eat at while we enjoyed ourselves in Chicago. We would have hit more if we had more time, trust me. But here is the list! 

  • M Henery - Had the delicious veritable vegan epiphany which was this beautiful breakfast platter with tofu scramble, vegan sausage, avocado(duh), and fresh fruit. Afterwards we also had yummy cookies!

  • Candyality - We actually randomly found this place and as it turns out it a bit of a big deal. It's been featured on the Food Network as the top candy store in Chicago! Had some great vegan chocolate and caramel. Mmmm.
  • Tiztal Cafe- Enjoyed munching on a wonderful fruit salad. Very simple. Very hydrating. 

  • Delicious Cafe- Snuck in here one morning and had an amazing breakfast sandwich and a cup of chai tea.

  • Raw Chicago- Ate here twice because it was that good! Had the raw pad thai and the raw ravioli. Too good to miss.

  • Pick Me Up Cafe - I should be embarrassed but I am not, we ate here three nights in a row! Hahah. Every night at around 10:30 we'd roll in there and order delicious vegan comfort food. Had milkshakes, tofu scramble, jalapeño poppers. We had it all.
  • Chicago Diner- A Chicago staple! Everyone that knew we were going out there raved about Chicago Diner and they were absolutely right! We enjoyed the Cajun burger and the Country Fried Steak. Feels funny even typing that up. Haha. It was incredible. 
  • Native Foods - My dream is to one day wake up in Southern Louisiana and have a Native Foods at a biking distance, no joke. This place was mind blowing. I destroyed the chicken sandwich about 3 times during our trip and Zac must have eaten about 5 orders of their vegan chicken wings. 

  • Karyn's Fresh Corner - Not only was the food spectacular at Karyn's, we got to meet her! She is one of the most inspiring people I've ever had the pleasure of talking to. So wise and kind, not to mention she is super hot! No seriously, she is an absolutely stunning woman. And she is 68! At her restaurant we ate the meatball sandwich, cheese plate, green juice, raw cheese cake, brunch,  & the raw biscuits and gravy (you read right). We also explored her day spa which was fantastic. 

  • Vegetarian Express -  This place was in the perfect location. We were hungry and just jumped in. The whole grain vegan pancakes were to cry for!

  • Kitchen 17 - Feel in love with the at home atmosphere of Kitchen 17 we talked to the owner who is a fantastic man with a passion for cooking up amazing vegan cuisine. Devoured some of Chicago's best pizza.

  • Loving Heart- Tiny little place with some serious good food. We had the Happy Burger and we couldn't have been happier with it! 

Here is a little vlog of us enjoying some of the amazing food mentioned. Hope everyone is having an awesome week! 



  1. Looks like I've got some new places to try! And it looks like you missed the Handlebar, in Bucktown. It's vegatiarian with lots of vegan options and it's awesome. So add that to your list when you come back. :)

  2. For sure! I'll totally check it out next time. Hopefully next time is soon. So many great places and people out there. And ofcorse food. Haha. :P