Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dealing with Parents as a Vegan

For many younger vegans living in your parents home may not be ideal when it comes to your lifestyle change. The opposing ideas may bring some unwanted anger in your home. Below is a video that I made addressing these very issues.

  1. Find Resources- by finding valuable and easy to understand resources you are better able to explain your reasoning and your views on veganism. Many parents are concern that their children might not be able to live long and healthy lives with a vegan diet. So by providing them with quality information they might  be able to understand it more clearly.
  2. Be Patient - having patience is crucial in times like this. Many times parents might take it in a  "Oh you think you're smarter than me" kind of way. You must realize that for many it is more of a cultural shock that anything. By understanding that some people need more time that others to understand the incredible impact that a vegan diet can have on the world. 
  3. Be Kind- this should go without saying, but by expressing kindness to your parents when speaking about this issue it can make things run much more smoothly. I completely understand that when first discovering the vegan lifestyle many realms of anger unfold because of all that you weren't aware of before but when speaking to others about your change (from my experience) showing kindness can really make people understand your point of view much more clearly. 

I have also added a few testimonials from vegans that live in a non vegan home.

Hunter Fontenot, 17, Opelousas, LA

  • What's the hardest thing about living in a non vegan home?
    • "The hardest part about living in a non vegan home is when your parents tell you "You can't be healthy" or saying that you can't get protein or even that it is too expensive to be vegan. When all it takes is a little research to help understand what being vegan means and the benefits that do come with it. There are so many protein rich foods that don't involve animals." 
  • What do you do to get though it?
    • "Try to educate your parents or guardians on what being vegan really  means, the fact that killing an animal or multiple isn't the only way to survive, and that the vegan lifestyle doesn't have to cost more than a non vegan one." 
  • What's your advice for others?
    • "Don't ever let anyone misinform you on the fact of the food that you eat or the facts of your lifestyle that you choose to live. Educate yourself so that you will be able to educate those who don't understand what vegan even means. You could be the motivation to help someone become vegan. The people that harass you about eating vegan probably don't know the damages that a non vegan lifestyle create." 
Summer Johnson, 16, Krotz Springs, LA
  • What's the hardest thing about living in a non vegan home?
    • "Not having someone to encourage me and tell me that I am doing is the right thing and knowing that my parents don't care to hear about how their food is linked to somebody."
  • What do you do to get though it?
    • "I talk to you (Jen) and watch documentaries to validate my feelings to keep me going. 
  • What's your advice for others?
    • "Everyone needs a support system, make sure you surround yourself with people who will encourage you. Also people will always try to discourage you, but stick to your guns and don't be pushy, be factual." 

Bryan Flores, 14, Opelousas, LA

  • What's the hardest thing about living in a non vegan home?
    • "Just the peer pressure. They (my parents) will sometimes say that meat is good for me and that eating one piece of it won't kill me."
  • What do you do to get through it?
    • "I keep educated on what I believe in. I know that what I am doing is right for the animals and I think about how I am helping them. I talk to people who are vegan and ask them about their experiences. You can learn alot from people who have been vegan longer than you."
  • What's your advice for others?
    • "To think about the animals. You are doing it for them and so no matter what people tell you or if they try to ridicule you for your lifestyle choice you know that what you are doing is right. Keep your head up and finding vegan friends can make the journey much better."

I hope that this was able to help someone who is currently in this situation.

Happy Thursday ya'll!


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