Monday, November 9, 2015

Doc || Amish: A Secret Life

Just finished a whole slew of documentaries so many many "Doc" will be coming soon. One of the many was  Amish: A Secret Life, a documentary on the true lives of the Amish people. It was a wonderful insight on the simple yet wonderful life that Amish people life. The documentary followed a family (which it is actually against their beliefs to be filmed or photographed, but they agreed to it due to the spreading of their god's word) in their day to day tasks and to show the true meaning of being Amish.It is amazing to see the simplicity of their lifestyles. What fascinated me the most was how they managed to preserve their simplistic lifestyle while still being in proximity with the more "norm" society. I find the peace and minimalism very comforting. A wonderful look on the true Amish life.  Much recommended. 

Hope everyone is having an amazing Monday. 


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