Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Doc || Honor Diaries

It is incredible that so many women are getting together to change the world for the better. The film Honor Diaries shows the gathering of nine amazing human rights activist that get together to talk about real issues. The topic of conversation revolves around the killings and abuse that muslim women often endure. Woman young and old attacked, beaten and even killed all in the name of "honor." Woman given lashes for not wearing "appropriate" clothing. Women who are permanently disfigured due to acid attacks. Many times these horrendous crimes go undiscussed for fear of sounding "intolerant" to others culture or religion. These conversations need to start with us. We are the ones that are capable of starting discussions to bring about change. Without them we will remain the same. We should not fear offending groups of people due to the thought "but it's their culture." We can not tolerate violence and call it culture. We need to be the spark that starts the change. Absolutely amazing documentary. 

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