Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kids will be Kids

Having animal companions is HARD. It is NOT easy. It is NOT always fun. People have to realize this fact. So many people out there think that having animal companions or having children is something that is going to a be a walk in the park the whole time. When in reality raising children and having pets to care after can be the most rewarding thing in life, but it is also one of the most challenging thing in life. Children will be children. Animals will be animals. They will make mistakes. They will make messes. They will upset you. That is okay. But the issue is that if you don't want to have pets ,then DON'T. If you don't want to have children, then DON'T. I thought about this issue when I walked out this morning to feed Mowgli and she had destroyed our yard. She had dug so many holes every where, it looks like she was trying to find some treasure. I just started to laugh. She's a pig and pigs like to dig. I can't get mad at the fact that she is doing what she is biologically inclined to do. I can't imagine going out and beating her for something she didn't even know was bad. I hear terrifying stories of people beating their dogs for peeing inside the house, when they didn't let the dog out! Rescuing and adopting animals are both incredible, but there are so many people that will bring an animal into their home and then treat them like some sort of object for show and have pets just to say they have one. They are social beings that deserve your time, attention and love. You choose to make them apart of your life. It is your responsibility to tend to them. Now after that rant, here are a few shots of Mowgli's masterpiece. Hahah. She was caught it mid action.

Happy Tuesday! 

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