Friday, January 8, 2016

Book || Inside of a Dog

Finished up Inside of a Dog. A great book on the mental capacities of dogs. We all know that animals can think and understand. We can see it in their eyes. We know when they are happy and we know when they are upset. This book shows to what extent they do that. I have always wondered with Mowgli and now with Nana, "What are they thinking about?" "Are they happy?" "Do they like me?" Haha. It is outrageous to think that animals have no thought process when it is clear as day. When you love on your dog or other animal companion they get excited. They wag their tails, they smile with their eyes. I love knowing that there are folks out there showing the science behind all of these actions. I hope that one day it will just be common knowledge that animals feel pain, joy, sadness, ext. so that we will stop the heinous actions that we commit to them. 


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