Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy 2016 || To do list

Happy 2016 ya'll! I hope 2015 was everything you wanted it to be, and if not there to the new year! We spent New Years Eve at the Mississippi river seeing the awesome firework show that is put on by Baton Rouge every year. Then for New Years day/ Zac's birthday we spend the day in New Orleans eating up some delicious vegan food.  I have so many great plans for this year. I can't wait to get started. Here's my little 2016 to do list. 

  • Meet up with Instagram friends- There are so many amazing people that I have the chance to know online, now it is time to hang out with them in person.
  • Drink more water (duh)- I've got some cute new water bottles just for this!
  • Be more eco friendly- I am making a list of little things here and there that I can do to be much more environmentally conscious. 
  • Eat my greens- I am a crazy fruit lady, so to be completely honest, I don't always get my greens in. I am going to put my juicer to work this year!
  • Respond back immediately- I am the WORST when it comes to emailing, texting, even responding on Instagram. I am making it my mission to respond back as soon as I read messages. 
  • Start mono-tasking- It is exactly what is sounds like, the opposite of multi-tasking. By doing one thing at a time I will be able to do it much faster and of a much higher quality, for whatever it is that I will be doing.
  • Write more post!- I am so excited to dedicate more time to taking pictures of all of my food and adventures and to tell you guys all about it. 
I hope that everyone is having a great start to the year! 


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