Thursday, January 21, 2016

They are the same

One is fat. One is skinny. One likes to sleep. One likes to play. One looks like a hippo. One doesn't. Haha. I can go on an on about all of the little differences between Mowgli and Nana but at the end of the day they both just want to be loved. They both love when we come home from work and meet them. They love it when I bring snacks to the back yard. They love getting tummy rubs and scratched behind their ears. They love being loved. They are both intelligent, sentient beings. Luckily for Mowgli she gets to experience kindness, compassion, and kisses. But that is not true for all piggies. The only thing that truly divides pigs and dogs is the socially constructed concept of what is food and what is not. While there are several places in the world where dog is considered food, here in the west that is seen as outrageous and down right evil. Why do we think that? Because it is natural for us to care. It is natural for us to love animals. We are TAUGHT that animals are food. In those places where they eat dogs, they are taught that eating dogs is a normal act, just as we are taught in the west that eating pigs, cows and chickens is totally normal. We must learn to break this barrier. We must see that they all want to live, not just dogs and cats. They are all the same.


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