Monday, January 25, 2016

Vlog || Sweet potato, fruit foraging, zero waste groceries

My first zero waste grocery trip was yesterday and it was totally awesome and easy. To be honest I was kinda nervous going into Whole Foods with our big ol' jars, but we walked straight up to the front desk and they weighed our jars and we went to fillin'. I never really paid attention (because I never bought stuff in bulk before) but Whole Foods has a killer bulk section. There are so many great products to choose from. We picked up just our essentials: red beans, black beans, oats, granola, and almonds. (I totally forgot to bring our rice jar, haha) For some reason I thought that it would be difficult but I suppose it is just like any other kind of lifestyle change, you just have to do it long enough until it becomes your norm. Not gonna lie, I felt super awesome when I was checking out knowing I didn't produce any direct waste from it. Here is a silly little vlog about our trip.

Happy Monday ya'll! 


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