Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vlog || Nana's Day Out

Nana had a blast on her little day out. Here is a vlog for ya'll to check out.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Doc || The Ballerina's Tale

The Ballerina's Tale is the fantastic story of Misty Copeland a classical ballerina. Everyone knows how difficult it is to become a high ranked ballerina but the topic of color had rarely been mentioned. I found it to be very interesting because I myself had never really thought about it. It is very obvious now to me that there are very little ballerinas that are poc. This documentary highlights the difficulties of ballerina life in general in addition to the struggles that come with being a poc as well.  


Monday, February 22, 2016

Vegan Goodies || Vegan Toona

Something is not so fishy about this tuna. Haha. I crack myself up sometimes. BUT in all seriousness ya'll, I found vegan tuna! Or toona should I say. Growing up I had my fair share of tuna sandwiches and now I am excited to have some cruelty free ones. I have tested out many of Sophie's Kitchen other products and I absolutely love them. I've also seen they have vegan smoked salmon! Cannot wait to get my hands on that. I found this at my local health food store but I've seen them in Whole Foods as well. It is so uplifting to see such a wide variety of new vegan products out there. There truly is something for everybody. 

Happy Monday ya'll!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Mowgli!

Mowgli is 3!!! It blows my mind that my baby girl turns 3 years old today, which is also the same time my lifestyle changed to cruelty free! The day that she came home Zac and I realized that she was so smart. She was so nice. She was so loving. All she wanted was is to hangout. I am so incredibly grateful that I ended up with my Mowgli. We had such a fantastic day! Shared so much food with Mowgli (that was her favorite part) Here is a video of her big day! 


Friday, February 12, 2016

Eco upgrade || Keep Leaf Sandwich Wrap

Found these super cute Keep Leaf sandwich wraps at Whole Foods! I was so excited when I saw it that I rushed to throw it in the buggie. haha. It was just what I needed. I went over to their website and found that there were so many different cute patterns to choose from.

I had seen reusable sandwich bags and have a few but I personally love the "wrap" version better for sandwiches and the bags for veggies. I think it is so awesome that it can go from wrap to little plate just like that. The fabric on the exterior is 100% cotton, while the outside is a waterproof liner. So excited for all of the sandwiches to come!

Happy Friday ya'll!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

What I Eat In A Day #5

Here is another quick and fast What I Eat In A Day!

Hope ya'll are having a great Thursday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mardi Gras 2016

Had such a blast this Mardi Gras! I was so glad to be able to share such a great event with you guys by vlogging. We went to New Orleans, Church Point, Opelousas and Lafayette, so I got a great variety of shots for you guys to see. Tons of crazy stuff! I hope ya'll enjoy!

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Vegan Goodies || Truly Free king cake

It is that time of year ya'll! Mardi Gras! And for us in Southern Louisiana, that means king cake. Yes indeed you simply cannot have Mardi Gras without some delicious king cake. So no better way to get February 1st started than by going over to my local bakery and getting a cream cheese king cake.

Truly Free is a local Baton Rouge bakery that serves up not only some awesome cakes but some great meals as well. This delicious cake that we got was gluten, dairy and egg free. 

Even though I was raised here in Southern Louisiana, being that I am Hispanic I will always have to have my side of milk (almond milk of course) with any pastry. Haha. So I sat down and enjoyed the first of many king cakes this season. If you guys are interested in tasting this amazingness for yourself Truly Free ships nation wide!

Hope everyone had a great February 1st!