Monday, February 1, 2016

Vegan Goodies || Truly Free king cake

It is that time of year ya'll! Mardi Gras! And for us in Southern Louisiana, that means king cake. Yes indeed you simply cannot have Mardi Gras without some delicious king cake. So no better way to get February 1st started than by going over to my local bakery and getting a cream cheese king cake.

Truly Free is a local Baton Rouge bakery that serves up not only some awesome cakes but some great meals as well. This delicious cake that we got was gluten, dairy and egg free. 

Even though I was raised here in Southern Louisiana, being that I am Hispanic I will always have to have my side of milk (almond milk of course) with any pastry. Haha. So I sat down and enjoyed the first of many king cakes this season. If you guys are interested in tasting this amazingness for yourself Truly Free ships nation wide!

Hope everyone had a great February 1st! 

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