Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dang Bacon & Mac n Cheese

Dang toasted coconut chips, savory bacon flavored! You heard me right. I finally got the chance to try out these bad boys. Now let me tell you a bit about this flavor explosion; it is amazing. To be honest my favorite part about them is the texture. It is just so perfectly crunchy I can't even explain it. So I had been snacking on them for a while then I though "WHY HAVENT I PUT THESE ON MAC N CHEESE!?" So that's exactly what I did.

So I frantically fixed myself up a big ol' bowl of mac n cheese and sprinkled my "bacon" on top and BAM. A delicious, oh so savory, "reminds you of when you were a kid sitting in front of the tv watching cartoons" meal. Having meals like these bring me back. So Zac and I got to enjoy these cozy meal while trying to find cartoons on Netlfix haha. Head over here to find all of Dang's amazing products. I can't wait to get my hands on the onion line!

Happy Thursday! 

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