Monday, March 14, 2016

Doc || Dog on the Inside

Dogs on the Inside was a beautiful documentary about dogs who have been rescued from undesirable conditions and then fostered in a prison with inmates. Many dog rescue centers have very limited space to keep the dogs as you may imagine and a particularly positive way to navigate around this problem is by fostering dogs in prisons. The dogs are rescued, then brought into the prisons where they pick an inmate to work with them. This prisoners are now responsible for bathing, feeding, and teaching the dogs basic commands. This not only greatly changes the dogs' lives but also the lives of the inmates. They build these incredibly powerful bonds with the dogs. Many of these dogs come from very tough backgrounds and have severe trust issues, common traits among inmates. They are able to identify with these creatures on a much deeper level. Once the dogs are trained they then go onto their adopted homes. It was such an uplifting documentation of the human spirit. A must watch. 


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