Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Eating animals is NOT a personal choice

Sometimes when having a discussion about veganism I hear "Well, I respect your opinion, but it is my personal choice to eat meat." A problem with that argument is that eating animals is NOT a personal choice. Personal choice: When you make a decision that reflects your own opinions and views and is not forced on you and will only affect you. You see it is illogical to think that killing a being for your taste buds is a personal choice. I too once thought this. When I was a student at ULL my best friend Lindsey was a vegetarian(now vegan) and we'd go to this one church on campus once a week to get free meals. I shit you not EVERY single time we'd go I would say something along the lines of "Good thing you don't eat meat, that just means I get to eat more of it. HAHAH" Man did I think I was funny. I was seriously like the biggest douche ever. I was so sure that what I was doing was just my personal choice, that she was vegetarian and that was cool, but I could never do that, boy was I wrong. My "personal choice" was having animals killed for my own sake. This was not okay. 

Here are a few examples of a personal choice:

  • You wearing blue pants (Where what ever color pants you want! Rock those pants! Woo!)
  • Using a certain filter on IG (Slay that filterrrr! Gonna look fab with that filter! Woo!)
  • Liking grits more than oatmeal for breakfast (Mmmmm fix that bowl of hot steamy grits! Woo!) 
Here area a few examples of things that are NOT personal choices:

  • Punching a small child at the park  (Don't do this)
  • Stabbing someone because you don't like their hair (Don't do this)
  • Paying someone to hold an animal captive, rape it, and kill it (Don't do this)
See very simple right. Weather you like having blue hair, eat dinner for breakfast or just like super weird music, all of those things are your personal choice and you are free to do those things because they aren't harming anyone in the process. 

Here is super ranty video of me going off about this topic, on the bright side Nana is in it so there's that. Haha.

Happy Wednesday ya'll! 

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