Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fruit Haul

YA'LL. I am typing as fast as I can because I can't even control my excitement! Okay let me settle down so that I can explain why the hell I am so excited. Haha. 

Okay so fruit can add up, that's true. It can sometimes not be that cheap, but I am a strong believer of getting tons if not most of your calories from fruit. I do understand that not everyone is blessed with the ability to drop money on fruit like us, but we just figured out a hack! 

Zac went to our local Albertsons (over the past few years we have become really good friends with the folks who work there) on Monday and he asked the produce guy if we could buy their older fruit. He said that he could but that it may not be too constant because he didn't know exactly when they would have a surplus. Yet this morning we got some killer news! He texted (yeah we are that cool haha) Zac, telling him he had some if we were interesting in buying. So of course Zac headed out to pick it up. He called me yelling, I tried to calm him down but it didn't do me much good. He was saying "JEN IT'S SO MUCH FRUIT. SO MUCH" So he rushed home and DUDE. Look at this! Look at this beautiful haul. 

All for $6.
YES $6.

19 Pears
9 Apples
1 Grapefruit
1 Cantaloupe
9 Oranges
15 Bags of grapes

What we were most astonished by was the fact that the fruits weren't even old! Or ripe for that matter! 

Sometimes we just have to be bold an ask! So head out to your local grocery store and ask if you can buy their older and ripper fruit. They might say no, but that's okay! Just go on to your next one. You never know what kind of jack pot you can hit. 


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