Friday, March 4, 2016

Vegan Goodies || Dang Coconut Chips

I present to you the best dang smoothie topping ever! Haha. I am so clever. But in all seriousness, these are the bomb! Dang coconut chips are probably the best thing ever invented. I first found them in one of my vegan subscription boxes and fell in love. So I was on a quest to find them. I went to Whole Food but had no luck. Then I went over to Amazon where I bought a pack of 12, Zac thought I was completely crazy (that was only because he hadn't tried them yet). They came in a gigantic box and my brother and cousin were there. Within an hour of me opening up the box we had eaten 6 out of the 12 bags. Haha. They are seriously THAT good. If you aren't an Amazon lover like me don't worry, I found them at Whole Foods! (Apparently didn't look hard enough the first time)

I topped by mango / banana smoothie bowl with them this morning and it was pretty much the best combination ever. They have the best crunchy texture that work so well with any smoothie bowl.

These awesome coconut chips are of course vegan but also gluten free and non-gmo. So you can't go wrong. 

These chips are crunchy and sweet so they go great as a toppings or you can be like me and munch them straight out of the bag. 

You can find these awesome goodies on Amazon here. I am gonna try the bacon flavor next. :) Can't wait to see what I can put them on. 

Happy Friday ya'll!


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