Friday, April 15, 2016

Carli Bybel Goes Vegan!

For those of you who don't know who Carli Bybel is, she is a youtube star. She has been making makeup and fashion videos for quite some time now and now has an incredible following. I have been watching her videos for years now and have always loved her positivity. Recently her and her boyfriend Brett Cap made a diet and fitness video talking about their routines, it made it to the attention of Freelee and The Vegan Couple who made responds videos. Both channels spoke about how by going vegan they could really impact not only themselves but truly the world because of their popularity. Like I said before I have always been a huge Carli fan that I even watch her snaps and noticed that she was throwing out a carton of eggs and the caption said something to the regards of "Thanks Freelee and The Vegan Couple." I went crazy! I called my brother and Zac out of excitement to tell them everything. Then yesterday Carli posted a video called "GOING VEGAN?!!" Where she explains how Freelee and The Vegan Couple have pushed her into the right direction not only for health, but for the animals as well! She spoke about the responsibility that we have as people to look after our planet and the beautiful animals that live here with us. She made the most perfect comparison saying that she couldn't even dare think about those terrible things happening to her cats. I am so beyond excited that someone with millions and millions of followers has set their ego aside and realized the truth in the vegan movement. She even linked Gary Yourofsky's "Best Speech Ever" at the end of the video. The people are seeing the truth and it feels so good. 

Happy Friday ya'll!

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