Friday, April 8, 2016

Vegan Cutthroat Kitchen Winner || Kristina J. Addington

So we don't have cable at our house (not that we miss it at all), so that means we watch shows a little bit later than everyone else. It may seem odd but I still love watching the Food Network, I know I know very un vegan of me. I love getting great ideas for food and then veganizing them myself. Any ways, Zac and I love Cutthoat Kitchen on Netflix and we would watch it almost every night, that is until we ran out of episodes. But I noticed not too long ago that they added a season 4! Woohoo! Zac and I were watching last night AND GUESS WHAT??? Kristina J. Addington, a VEGAN chef was on the show! I am sorry but I am totally gonna spoil the episode: SHE WON! A vegan chef won Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen! If any of ya'll are familiar with the show ya'll know the show is crazy! So for her to go out there as a vegan chef and win is just incredible! Like I said this happened a looooooong time ago and I am just getting to watch it on Netflix, but I just had to share my excitement for a talented vegan chef. 

If you guys wanna see more of Kristina here are her links:

Hope everyone has a great and happy weekend!

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