Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Zero Waste Essentials || On The Go

I am gonna be honest, sometimes being zero waste or ecofriendly can be a down right pain in the ass, but other times it is so simple it is astonishing. The examples that I am gonna give you you are the easy ones (for now, muhaha). But really these are super simple little swaps that any one can handle. Here is a lil video I made on it.

I've added a few links to some of my favorite products of the ones I mentioned in the video.

Bottles:    Stainless steel



Straws:    Glass

               Stainless steel

I will be doing a few other videos soon that will pick up on this topic. I will be covering Zero Waste: shopping essentials, bath and beauty essentials, ect. Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!


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