Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Give Away || Red Panda's Closet

Well it's summer time and what better way to start the summer than with a give away! I have partnered up with the wonderful folks at Red Panda's Closet to bring these goodies to ya'll! Red Panda's Closet is a local Texas Etsy shop with some incredible vegan jewelry. 

So for my giveaway I will be gifting:

  • 2 pieces from Red Panda's Closet
  • A wonderful polaroid picture of Mowgli
  • And a cute coloring book! 

Rules: In order to win these goodies go to my Instagram: WhyChoosevegan and tag a friend in the photo of the giveaway and head over to RedPandasCloset and give them a follow. Simple right! 

Best of luck to everyone. Remember the more friends you tag the higher your chances of winning! <3

Winner will be announced on July 11th.

Here's some words from Romina: 

Hi! I'm Romina, I'm 1/2 of the team here at Red Panda's Closet. Welcome to our little corner shop on the internet!

Red Panda's Closet is a product of our creative passions and hard work. We are inspired by animals & nature (like our name!) and we continually create new products that are a match for our cruelty free, vegan lifestyle.

We live and make our jewelry right here in Austin, Texas, and we buy all of our supplies in the USA. We are committed to a cruelty free, vegan lifestyle so that means we no longer carry any leather products and we are making sure all of our supplies are ethically sourced (No animals harmed for fashion!). We also try to reduce our environmental imprint, so our office supplies & packaging have changed (ex. more eco-friendly bubble mailers instead of 100% plastic) without skimping on quality. The materials we use are either recyclable or recycled to the best of our abilities. An example of this is saving bits & pieces that would normally be "trashed" during production. Aluminum metal scraps & sterling silver is collected then sent out to be recycled instead of simply throwing it away.

We give back to our community by donating: goods in kind, symbolically "adopting" animals through non-profit organizations, monetary donations and by giving our time to volunteer (either on site or by fostering) at local animal shelters. For details & updates, please visit our blog at or through social media.

Here in our shop, you can browse through engraved gifts and jewelry with meaning. We stamp items with love & by hand, one letter at a time. Some of our metal designs are engraved or etched. We create jewelry with meaning, so that means you can customize the designs. We've worked in the past with customers to set their preferred gemstones on rings and necklaces, or to inscribe their own message on our engraved pieces.

The product that you see in the photos will be the exact same product you will receive, and customers with special / custom orders still get their pictures via e-mail. We have fair shop policies regarding shipping, returns, & refunds, don't forget to check those out when you place an order. It takes us longer than big department stores with mass produced goods to create new items, so please check our current turnaround times or message me if you have a timeline for a special event in mind. (Note: Creation and Handling time is different from your selected shipping time.) We are pretty flexible and we do our best to make deadlines.


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